Restored: Sonic Adventure Chao Daycare (Online)

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    Today, Jial and Tyro finished reverse engineering the Chao Daycare online feature for Sonic Adventure

    With Chao Daycare, you can upload your Chao to share with the community, and download Chao others have uploaded

    Simply place a Chao on the VMU transporter, highlight a VMU, then press and hold Y+A until you hear the chime. You can then go to "Internet" in the main menu. Redirection should be automatic, but use Dreampi DNS for good measure

    Once at the Homepage go to: Community --> Chao Gardens --> Chao Daycare

    For the many new people in the DC online scene, other online features for Sonic Adventure have been restored recently:

    - World Rankings, you can upload you times, high scores, and ring scores. Occasionally for DLC prizes like a new Chao or special Chao

    - VMU DLC events like Rebook contests from 1999-2000, you can upload your scores and clear times to a leaderboard like World Rankings


    To use the Sonic Adventure online features, you need to create an account on
    This is due to the SegaNet ID storing in flashrom is now long since defunct

    You can register using any Dreamcast browser.
    However, posting on the forum does not work currently using NTSC versions of Sonic Adventure. PAL versions should work if you disable Javascript

    Dreampipe BB is intended for use exclusively on Dreamcast. You cannot post on PC (modern browsers at least)


    Have fun everyone!
    (Don't forget to thank Jial and Tyro for the months it took them to complete this :cool: )
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    Oh shit
    Finally gives a reason to grind Chao aside from personal success
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    Whouah !
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    Wow, gotta admire the dedication!

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