Request: Wii Argon 2 modchip config DVD image

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    I recently bought an Argon 2 modchip for the Wii. I know that a drivechip is almost useless today but i'd like to have a drivechipped wii. The argon website is long gone, even the wayback machine wasn't useful for retrieving the files I am looking for. If someone, by chance, has a copy of the iso for configuring the chip I need this file:

    Probably I can use also the NTSC version:

    and maybe every version of the dvd updater will work (It should have an option for loading an update firmware even if it's not present in the ISO).

    I already found the standalone firmware, the manual and install instructions but I still need the dvd iso config image and maybe also the argonchannel wad.

    Do you have this relic of software sleeping in some of your backups?

    This is the modchip:

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