Request: Philips CD-i BIOS

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  1. Hope this is ok for requesting being such a new member and all.. :icon_bigg

    I have been looking for the bios for Philips CDI to work on the CD-i emulator. Any revision will do but 210 or 220 would be prefered.

    If there is anything anybody wants in return please ask?

    I have Mean Machine Machines (DVD) all issues for example?
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    Aug 9, 2006
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    I think I have it somewhere.. Im going away couple a couple of days. If you haven´t found pm and I´ll look it up..
  3. I have 2 of the CDI BIOS now 490 and 905 from the help of you guys on here..

    I'm useless when it comes to finding stuff on google... Plus don't trust 80% of the sites that it comes back with when searching for stuff like this.. Normally if it's not on the newsgroups i don't bother.

    Are you running the full version of the CDI Emulator? Did you buy it or have you managed to locate from else where?

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