[REQUEST] Microsoft Ghostwriter Mysteries for Creative Writer

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    So, I hope it's ok that I'm posting a request for something Mac-related. If it's not, please let me know so I can delete the topic.

    So, I've been looking around for this for awhile with no luck so, I thought I'd request this here as well.

    This is all the information I could find about this.

    On November 1st, 1994, Microsoft & The Children’s Television Workshop released "Microsoft Ghostwriter Mysteries for Creative Writer - The Case of the Blue Makva" for Windows & Mac for $19.95. There was an issue of Electronic Entertainment Magazine that had a description:

    2 Microsoft KB articles were published, "Q149792: Writer: Solution for GhostWriter Case of Blue Makva Mystery” & "Q149790: Writer: Tips on Using GhostWriter - Case of the Blue Makva”.

    The only other link on the net that had any real information was the Personal Computer Museum. They actually had box art:

    Might anyone have a copy of this?

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