REQ Xbox original san francisco rush 2049 100% saves or hacked 100% please read

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    REQ Xbox original san francisco rush 2049 100% save or hacked 100% please read

    i am looking for xbox original midway arcade treasures 3 san francisco rush 2049 hacked 100% save game. i have a xbox360 RGH2 Trinity with xbox original 5829 Nov 2007 and Xbox 13599 Jul 2011 Compatibility files. i have tested both Compatibility files with and with out Compatibility files ones at a time including rebooting after overwriting both times. also unloaded LiNK~ plugin. booted NXE dash only. i tried all i can do. i know midway arcade treasures 3 do not load. boot or work what so ever. but, i ran across this!xs0hzRiQ!19PWkRCr73NzSE92WJDqG_9j-mkI3WX73kwZrnaESxI to my surprise san francisco rush 2049 boots. fully playable. but when i try to make my profile/name in san francisco rush 2049 i get this error. create failed! create player limit reached [​IMG]
    heres some more info i find. 3rd page 4th post down with save. save game do not work. i have try both signed in and out of my xbox360 profile. how would i go about hacking the .xba file to unlock the game 100%. this is most important to me to get this game to work with all unlocks to me anyway that can be done. i hope someone out there has a save or can help me out. thanks you. you have a good day
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