[REQ] 32X Map Editor software (Windows or Macintosh)

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    Would like help finding 32X Map Editor software for Macintosh and/or Windows. Can only find manual to it but no software in the large 32X DDK that's been leaked.

    There is also the older art editor software tools with no version number.

    Think other possible sources are older Sega DTS cds from 1994 and first quarter of 1995.

    Made similar guide thread here if anyone can help https://assemblergames.com/threads/...r-2d-tilemap-based-mars-32xcd-software.70698/

    Here's filenames from pastebin to some cd dumps that were previously available but no longer
    Documentation.7z           SEGA DTS CD (06-21-94).7z
    SEGA DTS CD (03-01-95).7z  SEGA DTS CD (11-01-94).7z
    SEGA DTS CD (05-19-94).7z  SEGA DTS CD (Unknown Date).7z

    Thanks for any help.

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