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Discussion in 'Xbox (Original console)' started by stuntpenguin, Dec 27, 2018.

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    Some time ago, I began writing a a hard drive imaging tool that ran over the network. The idea was that my homebrew could run off a disc, a computer could receive the disk image which would could later be analyzed for deleted content. It sorta worked (with lots of issues) and required the *real* xdk.

    I like to think I've gained a little experience since then and can produce a better version. I'm planning on using the NXDK so source and builds (of the backup tool) can be released without hesitation. Conveniently, the NXDK samples provide an HTTP server which can be modified to allow any computer on the network to download data from the xbox regardless of OS.

    Here's where the issue arises. From my understanding, most windows based systems, it's possible to access the 'Driver\Disk' device and read sector by sector from that. The xbox kernel appears to give no name to the disk device but rather a null value. The object exists, but it's difficult to find. We can still image partitions via `\Device\Harddisk0\Partition#` but that's no what I'm after. I'm looking for a complete disk image.

    My old program attempted to send ATA commands directly to the hard drive and request sectors. I'd rather not do that since it was really slow and systems programming is a lot cleaner. Anyone know of a good way to do this or should I just find a reliable way to get at the disk driver object?

    Sidenote: Are the days of $200 debug kits long gone? I offered someone $300 on ebay and they said, "I think we are going to fall too far apart to make a deal". That's their prerogative but it seems like people are deluded by the kits getting listed (but no purchased) for 1k+. Heh wanting to image some cheaper kits but I guess they don't exist.
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    The partition0 one should work because the kernel itself uses NtOpen/Read/Write File on it to read/write refurb info to the first few sectors of the disk. Despite the name, it should be what you need and should give you complete read/write access to the whole disk.
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