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    Hi guy's, I haven't been that active lately and this is my first time even posting in here, but I bring gifts (if you have an XDK and like NFS)!
    I am releasing my patched .exe (xex) that allows you to load the debug menu in the released NFS Undercover Alpha build.

    This game is very alpha, so with the debug menu enabled you can do some real funky stuff.

    First some info you can use to verify you have the correct build, this is the MD5 hash of the completely standard SpeedMilestoneOpt-enUS.exe that the build comes with.
    SpeedMilestoneOpt-enUS.exe MD5 - EE78AD3C4A6189FE28CA5FC01DDB4D14

    If your .exe has this MD5 then you should be golden, here's some other stuff to verify the build in case you can't be bothered to use MD5.
    The build should have a file called "BuildInfo.txt" in the same directory as the exe / xex's, this file should look like and contain the following:

    Platform: XENON
    ChangeList: 0
    CompiledDate: 08/19/2008
    CompiledTime: 05:20:34 PM
    BuildType: Milestone
    Region: enUS
    MapFile: SpeedMilestoneOpt-enUS.map

    Okay now with all that out of the way, to use the menu simply replace the "SpeedMilestoneOpt-enUS.exe" in your game directory with the one I have provided, and press LS + RS when in game to open the menu.

    I'll leave you with some screenshots and credits.

    Title Screen:

    Title Screen (With Debug Menu Open):

    Missing Assets (string, logos etc):

    Playing as a Police SUV (Spawned with debug menu):

    Playing as traffic box truck (spawned using debug menu):

    Career Debug Menu:

    Driving Police SUV at high speed (no wonder they catch you so easy, this thing has 7 gears, and I'm doing 290 in 4th lmao):

    Misc screenshot, I don't know looks good i guess?:

    Me for finding the functions needed and where they should be called from.
    Xx James t Xx: For making the patches needed.

    Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/2h4kc5
    Virus Scan: (Kind of useless as it's really an xex and can't be executed on PC, but sure here it is, as I assume some are going to ask for it)

    Sad to see this place go...

    Enjoy peeps.
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