[Release] Mario no Photopi Supplemental Disk - Sylvanian Families

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    Dumped disk image and scans of the paperwork for the Sylvanian Families supplemental disk.

    For a little background, this disk adds additional images for use on Character layers (cells). These images are encoded in a rather clever way, where data fields are references to data found in reserved portions of the disk. For this reason, you can't simply copy an ANG file to another disk like you would a CLP or FRM (accessories and frames, respectively); it wouldn't decode at all, and you'd only see an unselectable "?" in its file slot. Once decoded, image data is just JPEGs. Masks are a special field in APP1 which may be either a raw bitfield or RLE-compressed.
    So, hahaha, if you want to emulate this particular feature in the future you're going to need to accept disk images.

    Any leads on a Cardcaptor disk would be appreciated ;*)

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