[RELEASE] Jak 3 July 2004 Internal NTSC (Jak 3 Alpha)

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    We have released a late alpha build of Jak 3, dated July 12 of 2004: Jak 3 July 2004 Internal (NTSC)

    It has lots of differences compared to the final version. They will be documented on TCRF: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Jak_3/July_12_2004_Build

    It might detect saves of the final NTSC version, but they will most likely break things so be careful. Also, this build is unstable, so you will need to use Debug Mode to be able to move around properly (you can't play it from start to finish because many missions are unfinished). It uses the alternate sequence for activating Debug Mode. The Hidden Palace page will tell you about it, but you can also learn it from the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki: https://jadtech.miraheze.org/wiki/Debug_Mode#Alternate_Sequence

    The package includes a tool that can disable or enable the WIBU protection of this build. The build can not be played while this protection is active. Read the readme file included in the download package.

    I have a YouTube playlist about this build, and while it does not show everything yet, you might find it useful if you can't play the build yourself (first video is the release announcement, second is the big differences video, then the missions, and the music is at the end of the playlist):

    Hidden Palace page (download): http://hiddenpalace.org/Jak_3_(Jul_12,_2004_prototype_NTSC)
    The build was dumped by nullpointer.

    Have fun!
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    Nice find! :)

    I can't seem to get it to work in PCSX2 even with it patched though. It says "Playstation 2: Update rebooting" and then closes the emulator. Has anyone gotten it to work?

    EDIT: PCSX2 1.4.0 seems to work.
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    Thanks a lot for this awesome release!
    Btw congrats for your excellent work about J&D stuff
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