[REL] PS2 Disaster Report/SOS undub patches (NTSC-U & PAL-Multi3)

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    Scroll directly to end of post in order to avoid text-garbage and just get those patches.
    I got this rescued from my good'ol x86 laptop.
    It's a little embarrasing comparing it to other people's work which has everything covered
    and polished, but there's no sense in holding it and just deleting makes me sad.
    I find funny how badly I wanted to take on this back then and now, over the years, it seems pretty pointless to me. Maybe I'm wrong and someone enjoy it.

    Western names

    This is a cheap file-swap mod. There's some files I couldn't edit/reinsert so they
    remain unmodified (i.e. unlockable pictures, maps, relations menu).
    The patches only affects regular gameplay changing voices and textures for the
    japanese ones, but...
    Sadly, I lost a later revision with all characters names and most places tags
    changed for their japanese counterparts (Keith Helm->Sudo Masayuki).
    So, like my previous "work" for Raw Danger, names remains unaltered also.
    I told ya: cheap.

    Ending missing in PAL/NTSC-U?
    It looks like western releases have gameplay path/ending disabled or deleted.
    In a nut, the game has two endings. Yup... "Good"/"Bad" endings.
    The later heartbreaking ending is the canonical one as stated by the gamedevs.
    Going for an specifical path also changes a few details from a tiny portion of
    the last gameplay sections.
    While in the japanese version I seem to be able to get both paths at will,
    I always get the "good" one in NTSC-U/PAL releases no matters what.
    Note that, AFAIK, this patch doesn't deal with the files managing this feature.
    I know there was a player's name editor scrapped in overseas versions but thats too
    small for making a difference... Moreover, it's sequel got both censored and even
    a whole area blocked by accident in the localisation process.
    The last time checked, long ago, I couldn't find any gameplay video confirming
    the "bad" ending/path existence in the blond-versions.

    Disaster Report (NTSC-U) patch
    SOS - The Final Escape (PAL Multi-3) patch
    This one is made over SOS_Spanish_v1.10 by Atchuss (missing in action...)
    He managed to edit files I couldn't but the edits are translation related only
    and sounds/textures remained western version. This adds my edits to his work.
    Get this if you want my undub with spanish, french or german game-text.
    NOTE: This patches may take a while when applying! It seems xdelta gets stuck but it doesn't.

    Special thanks to people who tried their best to help me at some point: Souzooka, krat0s, Luigi Auriemma & Neko68k.
    Tools used:
    - "HxD,quickbms,rtf-view" combo for knowing which kind of data stores the gamefiles.
    - "Genie's Xpert Tools & xdelta" for rebuilding the iso and creating the patch.
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    Thanks! I successfully applied the patch to the PAL version. but it removes the English Language (replaces it with Spanish).

    No luck with NTSC. I have redump's version see MD5 here http://redump.org/disc/12412/
    I believe the patch was created for an underdump of the NTSC version, without having your specific non-standard iso is not usable.

    So basically, no way to play in English for me. =(
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