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Discussion in 'Rare and Obscure Gaming' started by ASSEMbler, Apr 24, 2007.

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    The Sony Trinitron tubes really are the best CRTs ever made.
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    Probably the rarest things I have in my possession are as follows, a Beta Trial Code of Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal (approximately 100 to 150 were ever made and were for online use only; you can't use it anymore as all the PlayStation 2 servers have shut down) and an ultra rare copy of the EB Games demo version of Ratchet & Clank 1 (2002). I'm not sure if this is anything to talk about, but I've put it in this thread just in case.

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    Small update..

    I've been collecting a few more interesting items the last years :)
    First of all my Wii U Kiosk (WIS-001) collection.
    These are 3 Demo consoles with pre-installed titles. All came with damaged GamePad cords. But one was repaired with a custom coaxial cable. One of the loose gamepads works as well (tested with a short cable). The last one (still with the metal shield attached) is untested. One controller hub seems to be broken. But all Nunchuks and Wiimotes work fine.

    One system (the one currently running) is unchanged. It runs the European firmware and has over 10 games installed.

    The one in the middle has the Dev Menu installed. I can still boot into Kiosk mode. These consoles don't do any signature checks so you can launch the Homebrew Launcher without sigpatches or running the webkit exploit before lol
    Recorded the whole procedure:

    The kiosk disc is for the American region, so I couldn't show what installing games from these discs looks like. But instead I recorded installing them via WUP Installer :)

    The top one is... somewhat bricked. I dumped it's NAND and SLC via hardmod to preserve the European demos. Sadly while de-soldering the wires of my Teensy from the Wii U's board the tin didn't melt enough so I ripped off an entire conduction track between the SLC and CPU. Gonna try to fix it by soldering a wire between the the SLC's microchip's leg and this tiny soldering pad right before the CPU.

    On top of the stack you can see a dummy case with backlights. The console has no guts inside.
    wii_u_stuff_720.jpg wii_u_demo_back_720.jpg wii_u_demo_disc_720.jpg wii_u_pad_720.jpg

    Here's one of my recent finds: A Wii RVT-R developer unit :)
    Got it directly from EA UK it seems, since it included 2 EA pullover I didn't order lol. Also got a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns in a Kiosk/Demo sleeve (factory sealed) even it's the retail disc.
    rvt-r_720.jpg rvt-r_side_720.jpg dk_demo-sleeve_720.jpg

    Also been collecting GameCube rarities. Only Kiosk discs so far. Also got a cheat disc by Datel which was only released in Germany.
    gc_kiosk_demos_720.jpg cheats_720.jpg
    The Japanese one contains a little picture gallery of early F-Zero GX screenshots. In the background a pre-release version of the title theme is playing:

    Soon I will get a PS3 Test unit, a demo disc of Skyward Sword and... a prototype NR disc of Crazy Taxi!

    That's it so far. But I will keep you updated :)
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    Fun fact, Doshin the Giant creator Kazutoshi Iida was credited as a "special thanks" on LSD dream emulator.
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