Questions about motherboard and CMOS on FM-TOWNS II MX

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    Hi all,
    yesterday I decided to disassemble my FM-TOWNS II MX in order to change the CMOS battery (since I could not store the drive letter assignement anymore) but , once opened, I found no battery inside.
    Instead I found this "hell" of wiring (the small ones, I mean) on the motherboard, both on top and bottom layer:



    Does someone know if this is a factory fix or some kind of mod (overclock, for example)?
    Besides, really is there no battery inside this model?How the settings could be stored?
    Thanks in advance.


    I found the CMOS battery ( CR2450), it was (almost hidden) inside of a plastic holder attached to the case, there was no need to disassemble the whole unit.Can I replace it with a common CR2032?
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