Question about Wii U and External Hard Drives

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by sploit, Nov 9, 2018 at 3:05 PM.

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to see if anyone can advise me on this...

    I have two Wii U consoles (1 PAL and 1 NTSC-J). Both of them ran out of space on the internal memory.

    So I went ahead and purchased and external hard drive with its own power supply as recommended.

    Anyway, I just wondered, can I use the one hard drive with both consoles? Or do I have to purchase a second hard drive to use with my second (NTSC-J) console?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. ma777

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    Games on the drive will be linked to a specific console. (I think the drives themselves are also linked to the console) So you can't just swap the drive between consoles and play the games. The region difference between games will probably also be a problem. Maybe there is some hack?

    You may be able to create two partitions on the drive. Say you have a 1 TB drive and split it in half. Then you will have 500 GB for PAL console and 500 GB for NTSC console. It has been a while since I've formatted a Wii U drive.
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    No, the Wii U doesn't support multiple partitions.
    If you put a partitionned drive on a Wii U and let it do it's thing it'll rewrite the partition map.
    So you're stuck basically. You'd need 2 hard drives.

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