Question about the Sega CD RAM function of the Mega Everdrive X5/7.

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    I tried Googling for this everywhere, but could not find any information on it.

    I know that the Mega Everdrive X5/X7 can function as a Sega CD RAM cartridge, but I can't find any information on the details of this feature. Does the Mega Everdrive just write it to a SRAM chip simlar to official cartridges with a battery backup? Or does it write it to the SDcard? Is there as way to extract the RAM data so it can be backed up to PC and/or used in emulators? Or taken from an emulator and used on a physical Sega CD?
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    from the manual:
    System folder System folder located in the root of SD card(/MEGA/). This folder contains OS files, Save files and cheat files.

    /MEGA/MEGA.BIN – CPU software (OS)
    /MEGA/MEGA.RBF – FPGA software (firmware)
    /MEGA/SAVE/ - Folder contains battery ram saves and mega-cd ram cart saves
    /MEGA/SNAP/ - Folder contains snapshot saves
    /MEGA/TEXT/ - Folder contains text files which cheats. System remembers cheat codes which were used previously and save them to this folder. When game will be selected next time, OS will check this folder, if folder contains text file with same name as selected ROM file, system will load cheats from this text file automatically.

    I couldn't answer your question about using the save states in other devices because I haven't used it yet.
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