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    Hey all,

    So it seems info is a bit thin online for the Marty, more specifically writing boot discs / discs required for saving. I have two separate questions

    1) Is it just 1.2 MB 2D / DD floppies that the Marty supports? I've read (albeit only from one source) standard 1.4mb HD floppies are incompatible.

    2) I know a 3 mode usb drive is required to write boot discs, but I have read conflicting info as to whether or not a USB 3 mode floppy drive will be able to effectively write floppy images that the Marty can recognize.

    Any help would be great! Thanks in advance
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    I using a Sony Vaio PCGA-UFD5.
    Before use, the new diskette must be formatted in Windows.

    FORMAT A: /A:1024 /T:77 /N:8 /U

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