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    Does anybody happen to know if PVR exporters higher than Max 3.1 can be used to export .h files compatible with kamui2 projects?

    I believe PVR exporters are available for versions of Max 5-8.

    I have the PVR exporter provided with Katana working in Max 3.1 - vase (KM2demo) compiles and runs
    I have another PVR exporter working in Max 5.1 - vase (KM2demo) compiles and does not run.

    When comparing the two files I noticed

    -The UV's output in both files appear to be totally different.
    -variable definitions have changed to (const)
    -data organized slightly differently
    -data appears to be almost identical.

    Comparable files and plugins used to generate the files can be found here....

    Side Note...
    I attempted to copy the UV's from the working 3.1 file to the 5.1 file.
    I attempted to adjust all variable definitions to match the working 3.1 file.
    Despite these changes was not able to get the 5.1.h file to run after a successful build.

    I did lots of googling and ohgoling but haven't been able to find any info on this.
    I vaguely remember the original Sega Katana site had a thread on this.

    Many thanks for taking the time to look at this thread and Happy New Year!
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    It would be better to rewrite a new plugin for blender

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