Putty Squad for Mega Drive/Genesis

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    Mad Mohan, an user of Sega-16, has released the long-lost Mega Drive version of Putty Squad.

    The prototype was bought in eBay by the Nolan brothers two years ago, then a couple of weeks ago it was sold to this Sega-16 member who has dumped the ROM and quietly released it after a mention in the Sega-16 forums.

    It's a rough Amiga conversion which has all levels playable but seems not to be 100% finished. Controls are still the same as in Amiga ("b" button for action, "up" for jumping), the passwords are exactly the same from that version too, there's a couple of glitches in some of the later levels, no ending and sadly there's not sfx either.

    But at least, after the Amiga version was freely released by System 3 a couple of years ago, the "king of unreleased versions" (although it now has thousands of remake versions available) is now adding another one to the lot of released versions.

    You can get it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pnj8onapkc8f19/PS-md.BIN?dl=0

    EDIT: Here's a mirror, since the previous link is now down: http://www.segasaturno.com/portal/s...on-mega-drive-de-putty-squad-vf17-vt8425.html
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