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    Hello everyone.
    Finaly I were able to bring back to life my few DESRs. So, have some questions to ask.
    1) How to perform a fw update action? How to get into update mode? I have update discs of cource.
    2) Have pretty much of Sony HDDs (40gb or DVRs with bad system FW on it). Is there any way to perform a clean installation to the remaped and formated but genuine Sony drive using service update discs? (by remap and format I mean using sw like victoria dos and something to zero-fill).
    3) Will installing an update help to remap bad blocks on HDD? HDDCheckr maybe?
    4) One of my unit boots up with hellish boot up sound and ends with error message. So, is there any way to change internal 8mb flash that stores it's base boot rom and write some valid and working backup from another working unit? I mean thats not a big deal to do something with flash more important is that I don't know if it will works or not or maybe another rom from different working unit will provide it's mac and sn numbers to a faulty unit too?
    P.S. A week ago I get Avermedia HD2 so now it's possible for me to record anything from DESR or anything that do have YPbPr. Maybe I'll be able to perform an update and record that.
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    Shouldn't it work if you just insert the disc? If the XMB is gone, have you tried booting the update disc with xFMCB?

    It's HDD-dependent, I guess.

    But even if you remap bad sectors, it does not actually change the fact that the disk is physically deteriorating.
    Eventually, the bad sector count will increase until the reserved sectors run out.

    The ROM is read-only, as on the PlayStation 2. The 8MB flash storage seems to be for storing a boot program that boots the XMB from the HDD, and this program seems to be an exact copy of the one installed in the MBR portion of the HDD.

    IDs (i.Link, console and MAC) are stored within the MECHACON EEPROM, which is part of the mainboard.

    The message may be about the HDD having some error.

    All the best to you with fixing these obscure consoles.
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