PSX DESR-7700 Issue

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    So I own a DESR-7700. I bought it coin working condition but the eject button on the unit wasn't working. It would only eject the disc if I used the Remote Control. So I opened up the unit to have a look to make sure all the ribbon cables were intact, but when I went to put the top half back on, the tape holding the ribbon cable to the inner shielding came loose and the lid pinched the cable. This caused the unit to black out completely and it will not turn on. I inspected the cable and it's not punctured or damaged in any significant way other than a slight crease. When I plug it in, I hear a faint beep but that's it.

    I think the cable became dislodged slightly and it may have caused an issue somewhere on the board. I found some old threads and in one containing a list of possible fuses but I do not know what they all look like.

    Of the list, "✓" I found & tested and are fine. "?" Means I'm not sure where it is or what it looks like, and need help finding it. And "x" means it failed.

    Here's what I've got:
    PS4007-100 ✓
    PS4008-63 ✓
    TH3402 ?
    PS4023-50 ✓
    PS4027 ?
    PS4014-63 ✓
    TH4002 ?
    TH3100 ?
    PS4017-25 ✓
    PS4016-63 ✓
    PS4021-50 ✓
    PS701-50 ✓
    PS703-50 ✓
    PS3100 ?
    PS3101 ?
    PS3102 ?
    PS4024-63 ✓
    PS4015-63 ✓
    PS4026 ?
    PS4012-50 ✓
    PS4022-50 ✓
    PS4018-50 ✓
    PS4019-50 ✓

    I included two hi-res photos of each side of the board in the hope that someone can lend me a hand here. I have some PS2s laying around I can easily salvage parts from if need be, but I don't even know where to begin with this damn PSX.



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