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    I was supposed to make this guide like years ago but im lazy so yea..

    Im not engineer just a guy that's handy with some tools so do this at your own risk.

    (Ill add pictures as soon as i have free time to open my vita up again)

    Things you will need for this mod:

    1. PlayStation Vita (1000 Wifi Model)

    2. Solder iron with small fine tip

    3. Two flat coin vibration motors or Two Micro Vibration Motors with weight attached.

    4. Small wire (the smaller the better ,but this does make it harder to solder to)

    5. Electric tape (To cover all connections and not to short anything out)

    6. A sharp hobby knife to cut wire

    7. One Tact Switch ON/OFF (So you can turn the motors off whenever you want)

    8. 5/64 or smaller drill bit to make hole for your tact switch

    Other Options Include 180ohm resistors to reduce power on motors and maybe add some leds if want too.

    Turn your off the Vita before doing any of the steps below!

    1. First remove all the screws holding the vita together. (There should be 8 screws in total)

    2. Remove any games or memory cards if you havent already as it stops the vita from being able to be opened all the way.

    3. Slowly pry the two halves apart, while at the same time unplugging the battery cable

    4. At this point u can clean your vita and inspect any item that wasnt working before this mod.

    5. Now prepare your motors by soldering a lead from each the ends that are positive and negative.

    6.Now that you down this look for a point on the Vita board that produces 5 volts as that is what is needed to power the motors.

    7. Once you found that point mark with a marker or something. Take the motors from earlier and solder the positive ends to each other.

    8. Make sure before step 7 that you measured your motor placement so the wires dont tangle when closing the vita. ( On the wifi model there should be a small place right about the speakers on the back plate for the motors to sit in)

    9. Ok now that you have motors together solder a lead from the bridge point of the two motors. This will be our power point.

    10.Take the negative ends of the motors and solder them to the negative points on the speakers of vita. If not sure this is hit the copper pad you should solder to is the lower end one which is where the speakers connect on the board. (When the vita is closed the vita speakers work by making contacted with these copper pads on the main board.

    11.Time to prepare the switch, take the power end i mentioned earlier and solder to the "OFF" side of the switch. Then solder a lead coming from the switch on the "ON" to your 5V point. (At this point you can test the vita to see if the motors work with the switch by seeing if they come on when the latch is in the right direction)

    12. Lastly drill a small hole for switch in a place that comfortable for you and doesnt get in the way of gameplay. I drilled my hole right under the vita barcode on the back plate as it felt right to be in that spot to me.

    Well if you done all these steps and your vita stills work congrats! I hope more modders come up with ideas to make this process easier or a custom solution with 3d printed parts, etc.

    Old Video but it shows the finish porduct

    Leds and motors installed with custom theme

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    So when does it actually use the rumble? Are the games designed for it?
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    It looks like the rumble kicks in whenever any sound / music plays :p
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    Yes, it looks like it to me as well. Battery life going to take a big hit~
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    Inside of the psvita and how i wired up things to work so its easy to control. Some pictures failed to upload but whatever...hopes this helps someone if they are interested in the mod.

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