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    Jul 16, 2012
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    I recently took my 30000R (GH-015) apart for cleaning and now have a question related to some of the thermal pads.
    The huge piece covering the EE, GS and RAM is about 1.2mm measured as it came out of the system, i got 1.5mm thermal pads on hand which should work nicely there.
    However, there are three chips (labelled IC802 Driver, IC803 Spindle Driver and IC407 Switching Regulator in the service manual) which had some real thick pads on (at least 2.3mm measured) which turned into stone over time with one of them breaking (not tearing) in half upon trying to get it off the chip.
    My question now is, how much would i want those chips to get replacement pads on?
    The system will be almost exclusively used with a HDD (i did give the optical drive a clean but it was very picky to begin with) and from what i can tell, the pads that came off will be as good as anything for getting heat off.
    My intuition tells me that both 802 and 803 would get at least warm during optical drive use (and 407 would get at least lightly toasty?), but id like to get a second opinion on that.
    Image of board with ICs marked as reference, orientation should match the one in the service manual, page 25

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