[ps2 rom] Bypass Hdl_dumb Partition Error using ISOBUSTER and CDGEN tutorial (xp)

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    PLEASE NOTE: this guide is ONLY relevant to the 'hack' compilations out there, such as the 'GTA' clones and the 'multi games collection vols' (the spanish. africans and brazilians EXCEL in these wacky ps2 treasures. thanks guys!)
    it may hold relevance to other 'hacks' in the wilderness but NOT of the retail images UNLESS you want to experiment!
    on a side note: if you haven't got anything worthwhile to contribute/ADD to this subject, AVOID IT!

    Hdl_dumb Partition Error using ISOBUSTER a text editor and CDGEN tutorial.

    The (") i use are for illustration purposes

    part 1, "isobuster">> 1, load up isobuster then at top of gui, select "open image file" then choose the iso to be modified.

    2, when iso content is visible in left window plane, right click over the "RED ISO RECTANGLE" then follow the gui path "folder tree and file information" >> "list tree info (in txt file)" >> "LBA, Relative path" click and save. it should save next to your iso. (default output is "Filelist.txt")

    3, Again Right click the "RED ISO RECTANGLE" and follow the gui to "Extract----iso name" then click to define save path. look for the directory with your iso and the previously saved "Filelist.txt" and ok it!!! when done close "isobuster"!! this concludes "part 1" of the tutorial!!!

    part 2, "text editor">> 1, Run a "text editor" and go to the root of the recently (by isobuster) extracted directory and look for a "SYSTEM" or "SYSTEM.CFG" file and open it. It's this example line that needs editing. (BOOT2 = cdrom0:\MULTI.ELF;1 ) "ignore the ";" If you have a "multi games collection volume..." on the ps2 hdd and another different "multi games collection volume..." is clashing according to "HDL-DUMB" reports,

    2, rename the "MULTI.ELF;1" line according to "Multi..." volume number. like this example, (MULTI13.ELF;1 for "Multi Games Collection volume 13) then overwrite the original "SYSTEM" or "SYSTEM.CFG" file. when saved close "text editor"!! This concludes "part 2" of the tutorial!!!

    part 3, "renaming">> Look for the originally named "ELF" file as shown in the example line. (MULTI.ELF) and rename it to match the newly modified "SYSTEM" or "SYSTEM.CFG" as stated above in part two like this example (MULTI13.ELF) Remember to use the "SYSTEM" or "SYSTEM.CFG" file to locate the original "ELF" and rename it accordingly.

    2, Open the isobusters outputted "Filelist.txt" and look for the "MULTI.ELF" line entry and edit it according to the newly named elf like this example. (MULTI13.ELF) then overwrite the original "Filelist.txt"! close "text editor"!! This concludes part 3 of the tutorial!!!

    part 4, "cdgen">> 1, Run "CDGEN" and go to top of gui and click "advanced" then select "Import Tree File, from Isobuster" and look for the "Filelist.txt" (earlier created by isobuster in the tutorial) ond open it. an "IMPORT MODE" window will appear. mark the selection "Import Ordering by LBA (no fix)" and click ok.

    2, Drag contents at root of the directory (ectracted by "isobuster earlier in the tutorial) into "cdgen's" right window plane where a"RED ISO RECTANGLE" should reside. you should have a list of content in the plane.

    3, On the right of gui, click on "VOL" and edit it according to the new modifications like this example (MULTI13.ELF) and click ok.

    4, On the right of gui, click on "IMG" and a window will appear. select "save as type" and choose "iso" then enter a desired name like this example (shoot me in the FACE.iso) and click "save"!!! EVEN THOUGH THE GUI MAY LOOK F*CKED WHILE SAVING, DON'T WORRY, IT'S STILL WRITING THE ISO. JUST WAIT IT OUT!!! This concludes the tutorial!


    "HDL_DUMB" should now see the new modified iso's startup like this example (MULTI13.ELF) then just fire it over..you should no longer have the "MULTI.ELF/HDL_DUMB partition clash reports!! By the way!!! if you know of a SIMPLER method to achieve ALL this, please pm me and it should replace this tutorial...thanks a lot and have fun tearing out your hair!!!

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