PS2 Drive Return Issue

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    Jan 4, 2013
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    Hello I have a V9 PAL PS2 whose drive does not fully return on pressing the eject button
    any ideas how I can fix this? I have opened up the system and drive enclosure and cleaned
    the drives rails with alcohol wipes then re-greased them, but this has not has an effect on the
    drive returning

    All ideas on a fix are welcome :)
    thx in advance
  2. jollyroger

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    Oct 18, 2008
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    I fixed an older PS2 drive, judging by what I can see/hear there may be one of a few of issues:

    - The return motor rubber o-ring may be worn. You can check it and replace it (most PS2 tray issues are caused by this). There are several videos on youtube that show how to do it
    - The return mechanism gear train may be worn/broken. You can disassemble and inspect the return gears to check if any of the teeth are worn
    - One of the plastic rails on the underside of the tray was damaged and the return motor fails to pull the tray all the way back because the tray gets stuck. In this case you may need to replace the tray



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