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    I've been swapping cables and experimenting, and y'know... PS2 Component is virtually as good as PS3 HDMI.

    I expected the reference shot over here was going to be closer to the truth.

    I've been able to reduce the difference enough that, yeah, you can possibly still find a difference, but you'll be counting grass blades. Using sturdy references, I can't tell. Items like the horizonal lines in that second overhead banner down the track, the translucent black-tint of the car interiors, and that track camera in the upper right by "NGK". You can't tell with those -- they're the same.

    Which is interesting and not what I expected. Right now I think that ref shot is actually showing:

    A] not-great cables
    B] not-great connectors at TV or PS2
    C] some processing by his TV

    Which is fair enough - it's correct to say HDMI is easy to get right, whereas good analog can require fussing.

    Worth mention:

    - The first thing I found is the two sets of component inputs on the 42LK450 are different. One is just less colourful and a little less sharp. The difference is more any difference found between cables.

    - Only tested two PS2 consoles, SCPH-39001 & SCPH-50010/N. No diff. The PS3 is CECHE01.

    - I haven't tested an official Sony cable. I got my best result from a no-name multi-cable sold by Hauppauge. Close-second was the old Mad Catz PS2/XBOX cable, which surprised me.
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    you need video wave monitor to check which cable is best

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