Pre-paid visa for Japanese PSN purchases?

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    So I recently discovered that you cannot buy Z rated games on the Japanese PSN store using pre-paid yen cards, and an actual credit card is required to make a purchase.

    Is there any way of obtaining a Japanese pre-paid Visa card of sorts to be able to buy games? (IE, as someone who lives outside of Japan).
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    Can you read Japanese? Found one person who recommends and explains how to buy those games with a "V-Preca Gift" card (Vプリカギフト).

    See here:
    Official card site:

    Hurdles to overcome:
    1 - getting the card from one of the Japanese stores
    2 - registering the card (seems you need a Japanese phone number for verification)

    Edit: You can buy the prepaid card also with a regular credit card. It doesn't say if it has to be a card issued in Japan though ( That would eliminate hurdle 1.
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