GUIDE Playstation dev tool part numbers and original pricing

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    A good reference for finding items by part number. Some of the part numbers
    I have never seen , sort of like some of the more mysterious dreamcast part numbers...

    Anyway, enjoy and remember to pick your jaw when it drops.


    Sony Computer Entertainment 919 East Hillsdale Blvd., 2nd Floor Foster City, CA 94404

    Order Part Number Description Qty Fee1 Ship2 Total Amt

    Information Development System:


    Development System Kit
    Includes: DTL-K1, DTL-K2, DTL-K3, CDW-900E, DTL-S2035, DTL-H201 0, DTL-K4,DTL-H1001,DTL-H1030, DTL-H2060,DTL-H2080, CDR-7 1 P-3,
    CDR-71 PS
    $37,000 Shipping $290

    Programmer Tools:
    Programmer Tool Kit
    $18,000 / $77


    CD-ROM Emulator Kit
    $3,575 / $25


    Micropolis 2GB Hard Disk AV Ext
    $1,450 /$30

    Micropolis 4GB Hard Disk AV Ext
    $2,250 / $30


    CD Write-Once Drive
    $5,700 / $46

    CD-ROM Generator
    $1,800 / $14

    Write-Once Disks
    $22/single - $4

    Write-Once Disks
    $200/ten - $9

    Write-Once Disks
    $950/fifty -$19

    CDR-71 PS
    Write-Once Mastering Disks

    DTL-H1 001
    US Debugging Station

    DTL-H1 002

    PAL Debugging Station

    Subtotal for Page 1

    1 All fees are FOB Foster City and are subject to change without notice to Multiply shipping charges by quantity.

    Tool Requisition Form

    Sony Computer Entertainment

    919 East Hillsdale Blvd., 2nd Floor
    Foster City, CA 94404
    PlayStationâ„¢ Development Tools
    Page 2 of 2

    Part Number DTL-H2010
    Description Qty
    CD-ROM Drive
    Fee1 $390 Ship2 $16
    Total Amt

    DTL-H1 030

    Link Cable for Programmer Board Set

    Controller Box

    Graphic Artist Tools:
    Graphic Artist Tool Kit

    Caligari Truespace

    Sound Artist Tools:
    Sound Artist Tool Kit

    Technical Information:

    Additional Sets of the Developer Reference Series
    for Page 2
    Subtotal from Page 1

    2% discount for prepayment (apply to Subtotal) (for cashier’s check or bank wire)
    state and local sales tax (apply to Subtotal)
    Air shipping
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    PlayStation(tm) Development Tools Fall 95
    Tool Group Tool Category Tool Name Description Part Fee1
    Development System Developer System Kit Provides all basic software tools and hardware required for DTL-SK1 $37,000
    PlayStation game development:
    * Programmer Tool Kit (DTL-K1)
    * Graphic Artist Tool Kit (DTL-K2)
    * Sound Artist Tool Kit (DTL-K3)
    * CD-ROM Emulator Kit (DTL-K4)
    * CD-ROM Generator Software (DTL-S2035)
    * CD Write-Once Drive (CDW-900E)
    * CD-ROM Drive (DTL-H201 0)
    * U.S. Debugging Station (DTL-H1 001)
    * Mouse (DTL-H1030)
    * Link Cable (DTL-H2060)
    * Controller Box (DTL-H2080)
    * 50 Write-Once Disks (CDR-71 P-3)
    * 10 Write-Once Mastering Disks (CDR-71 PS)
    * Includes all relevant volumes of the Developer Reference

    Programmer Tools
    Programming Programmer Tool Kit Provides PlayStation emulation and programming capabilities. DTL-K1 $18,000
    Kit includes:
    * Programmer Board Set (DTL-H2000)
    Two ISA bus cards featuring SPU (Sound Processing Unit),
    connectors for 2 controllers, video out (composite or S-video)
    w/2-channel audio (RCA-type jacks) and comm port. Includes
    two controllers for use with the Board Set.
    * Programmer Tools CD (DTL-S2002)
    CD includes:
    - Operating System Run-time Libraries
    - Psy-Q Development Environment tools
    - GNU C Compiler tools
    - Graphics conversion utilities
    - Code samples
    * The following volumes of the Developer Reference Series:
    PlayStation Hardware Guide, PlayStation OS Guide, Library
    Overview, Library Reference and Psy-Q manual.
    CD Emulation
    CD-ROM Emulator Kit
    Provides PlayStation CD-ROM emulation and CD image creation
    capabilities. Kit includes:
    DTL-K4 $3,575

    • ISA bus board which connects to the Programmer Board
    Set and emulates the performance of the PlayStation CD-
    • CD Emulator image creation software
    • CD Emulator volume of the Developer Reference Series.

    NOTE: This kit requires an external SCSI II Audio/Video hard
    drive such as one of those listed below.

    Micropolis 2GB Ext AV Drive
    2 gigabyte external SCSI II Audio/Video hard drive to be used
    with the CD Emulator Kit.
    DTL-H4221 -02 $1,450

    Micropolis 4GB Ext AV Drive
    4 gigabyte external SCSI II Audio/Video hard drive to be used
    with the CD Emulator Kit.
    DTL-H3243-04 $2,250
    CD-ROM Generator
    Software required for creating the Master Disk
    image using the CD Write-Once Drive. Includes CD
    Generator volume of the Developer Reference Series.
    NOTE: This software requires the Adaptec SCSI Master card
    (AHA-1 542CF) to be used with the CD Write-Once Drive listed
    DTL-S2035 $1,800

    CD Write-Once Drive
    Write-Once drive required3 for writing CD-ROM
    disks for use with the Debugging Station and the CD-ROM
    Drive, and for disk mastering.
    CDW-900E $5,700

    Write-Once Disks
    Required4 media for debug versions of games. Single.
    CDR-71 P-1 $22

    Write-Once Disks
    Required5 media for debug versions of games. Ten pack.
    CDR-71 P-2 $200

    Write-Once Disks
    Required6 media for debug versions of games. Fifty pack.
    CDR-71 P-3 $950

    Write-Once Mastering Disks
    Required7 media for PlayStation disk mastering. Ten pack.
    CDR-71 PS $200
    US Debugging Station
    Same as US PlayStation production unit, but can
    play back CD Write-Once and all PlayStation disks. Includes 2
    controllers and 2 memory cards.
    DTL-H1 001 $1,300

    PAL Debugging Station
    Same as European PlayStation production unit, but can
    play back CD Write-Once and all PlayStation disks. Includes 2
    controllers and 2 memory cards.
    DTL-H1002 $1,300

    Tool Group Tool Category
    Tool Name
    CD-ROM Drive
    External CD-ROM drive for Developer Board Set. Required
    to use CD Write-Once and PlayStation disks with the
    Programmer Board Set.
    DTL-H201 0

    Mouse for Debugging Station or for the Programmer Board Set.
    DTL-H1 030

    Link Cable
    Connects two Programmer Board Sets for development of
    two-player games.

    Controller Box
    Accepts consumer memory cards and controllers for use with
    Programmer Board set.
    Graphic Artist Tools

    Graphic Artist Tool Kit
    Provides Graphic Artist Tools listed below:

    * Graphic Artist Board (DTL-H200).
    ISA bus card which allows the Sprite Editor and 3D
    Graphics software to render images as the PlayStation
    would; i.e., on the same display hardware with the same
    aspect ratio, and color-mapping. Note: Does not require
    Programmer Board Set (DTL-H2000)
    * Sprite Editor (DTL-S21 0)
    Provides 2D paint, palette operation, cell mapping, and cell
    animation editing functions.
    * Graphics Artist Tools CD (DTL-S220)
    Tools for graphical data conversion, animation and assign-
    ment of textures to polygons: 3D Studio plug-in, Material
    Editor, MIME Utilities and Graphic conversion utilities.
    * Sprite Editor and 3D Graphics Tool volumes of the
    Developer Reference Series.
    Modeling Caligari Truespace 3D modeling software. Outputs model data in DTL-S285 $1,000
    PlayStation format.
    Sound Artist Tools
    Sound Sound Artist Tool Kit Provides Sound Artist Tools listed below: DTL-K3 $2,000
    * Sound Artist Board (DTL-H700)
    Nubus card for Macintosh which emulates Sound Processor
    capability of the PlayStation. Note: Provides digital optical
    output only.
    * Sound Artist Tool Software (DTL-S71 0)
    Allows music and sound effects to be previewed and edited,
    Sound Delicatessen software, sound data converters.
    * Sound Artist Tool volume of the Developer Reference Series
    1 Fees are subject to change without notice. 2 Additional sets of the Developer Reference Series can be purchased separately. 3/4/5/6/7 Sony Write-Once Drive, related software and media are the only tools
    capable of PlayStation disk mastering.
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    Write-Once Disks
    $22/single - $4

    Write-Once Disks
    $200/ten - $9

    Write-Once Disks
    $950/fifty -$19

    Wonder what the difference was...
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    The number in the pack? I'm guessing these prices weren't as extortionate as they seem now back in 94/5 or so.
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    quantity perharps?
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    I must be going nuts, could've swore they were all packs of 50 with the single prices up the side. Still a weird way of putting it.
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    Which ones haven't you seen yet? I'll try to get you some pics.
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    On that list, which I have scanned twice I can't find the Sony DTL-H2510 CD-Rom Drive. Have I simply missed it or is it missing from the sticky thus far?

    Does anyone know for sure that the CD-Rom works with both sets of Dev boards? Most of the sites (such as Playstation Museum) that used to detail these kits have gone now.

    Found this which suggests it does: ''DTL-H2510: Internal CD-ROM drive which replaced the DTL-H2010 for use with the DTL-H2500 and DTL-H2700 development systems. Uses a crazy 50-pin ribbon cable which is apparently a little too hard to find...''
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    From: Paul Holman <>
    Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 10:24:15 +0100

    Exhibiting PlayStation Titles at E3 2000

    EDIT: Removed bucketload of Nazi display rules, can post in separate thread if desired.

    CD/DVD Generator

    DTL-S15000 will be released in April through Developer Support. This
    software is only for PlayStation 2 and doesn't support PlayStation (1)
    master disc creation. In Japan, the price is 100,000 yen and will be
    priced at &euros 10,000 Euros for the SCEE market. Availability is to be
    announced through the PS2 newsletter and website.

    The CD/DVD-ROM Generator works with CDU921S/CDU921S mk2/CDU921S-PR and
    supports x4 speed burning with CDU921S-PR. The software also supports a
    DVD-R drive that will be available through the SCEA Developer Support
    group. The media; CD-R(CD-R71PS) and DVD-R(DVD-R47PS) are also provided
    by SCEE/SCEA.

    Please note that version 1.00 currently doesn't support burning for
    SCEA/SCEE master disc.

    EDIT: Removed another million pages, it is a big ass message.



    From: Paul Holman <>
    Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 10:17:54 +0100

    Re CD-DVD Gen software - whoops, that should have been 1000 Euros.

    Please contact you r account manager if you urgently need it for E3.



    Recall DTL-T10000(non-DVD) only.
    From: Paul Holman <>
    Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 12:19:17 +0100

    A message to everyone with non-DVD T10K's on loan (this message was sent
    out be post a few weeks ago).

    Time to complete that LRF !

    The loan agreement for DTL-T10000(non-DVD) development systems currently
    at your studio expired on 31 March 2000 and these systems are now being
    recalled. You are therefore kindly requested to make arrangements to
    return the systems (serial numbers listed) to our distribution centre at
    your earliest convenience but to arrive no later than 25 April 2000.

    NB: Please ensure that all systems are appropriately repackaged in the
    original shipping cartons.

    Serial Number(s): «SN»

    Components per DTL-T10000 Kit: Return Address:

    Qty Model No Description
    1 DTL-T10000 TOOL
    2 SCPH-10010T Dual Shock 2
    1 DTL-S12000 Runtime Library
    1 EB-S8220 EB Tool Chain
    1 DTL-P11010A System Manual
    1 DTL-P11017 System Manual SPU2 Overview

    Please send to:

    Attention: Mr Nick Payne
    Infoteam Group Limited
    Unit 2 & 3, Heathrow Causeway Estate
    Ariel Way
    Middlesex, TW14 6JW

    As a reminder, DVD enabled systems are available and can be requested
    under your existing Tools & Materials Loan Agreement (TMLA) by
    submitting a Loan Request Form and remittance for a security deposit of
    €20,000 (twenty thousand Euros) plus VAT (where applicable) for each



    PlayStation 2 "Test" machines available soon...
    From: Paul Holman <>
    Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 19:10:03 +0100

    Our first batch of DTL-H10000 "Test" units (aka PS2 Debug Stations) will
    be flying out this week, and with a fair wind through customs we should
    availability next week.

    The units are NTSC-J, run at 240V (i.e. meet CE electrical regs) and
    will be sold for 980 Euros a piece (+VAT where applicable).



    DVD but no DVD?
    From: "Dave Baranec" <>
    Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 16:59:56 -0500

    So we're recently run into a quandry which I was hoping a Sony guy could
    help us out with. We bought the big expensive Pioneed DVD burner and we
    ordered the discs from Sony. What we got, though, were CD-R's, _not_ DVDs.
    We thought it was a mistake, but apparently not. Ee've kind of gleaned from
    Sony sources that DVD releases might not even be supported. As in, we have
    to use old-fashioned CDROM's. What's the deal with this? Are we going to be
    able to submit on DVD?



    SCEE Territory - PlayStation 2 Mastering Status
    From: "Mike Kavallierou" <>
    Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 11:07:44 +0100

    Current status of the mastering equipment for PlayStation 2 :

    Dear developer,

    Here is the current status of PlayStation 2 CD/DVD mastering


    The current CD/DVD-ROM mastering software (DTL-S15000) can burn PlayStation
    2 CD and DVD titles for use on a debug station or DTL-T10000, however the
    license area is currently fixed for the Japanese territory only. This will
    not effect the operation of the debug station or the tool, but it cannot be
    used for final master submission. Developers who have purchased the software
    we receive free upgrades when the final software is available in August.
    Note that the mastering software is a single user license, multiple users
    should purchase multiple copies of the software. Purchasing the software on
    it's own costs 1000 Euros, the order form is available on the website from
    the Game_Publishing directory.

    Debug Stations:

    Currently (July), only the Japanese PlayStation 2 debug station
    (DTL-H10000) is available. However, since this model will operate in PAL
    and NTSC video modes, one can use this for testing titles targeted at
    release in any territory - one simply uses the Japanese license option on
    the DTL-S15000.

    In the latter part of August, prototype SCEE and SCEA territory units will
    be available under carnet, and will be loaned to QA and development teams
    working on launch period titles - make sure your SCEE account manager knows
    you have a launch title, and provide estimates of the units you may need.
    In September "final" versions will be available for sale.

    Please note that for PR/Marketing use for shows such as ECTS at that time,
    we recommend that you obtain DTL-H10000 units and feature your PAL game
    running on this unit (with the Japanese license area).

    It is however important to test on the appropriate debug station prior to
    submission to our QA, due to ROM and other minor differences in the


    The hardware supported for CD mastering is the CDU-921 - the same as the
    PlayStation mastering equipment. You can either use your existing burners
    and license the DTL-S15000 PlayStation 2 software, or buy a complete
    mastering package from SCEE consisting of the CDU-921SPR and the CD/DVD-ROM
    Generator software for 2,350 Euros, the order form is available on the
    Website from the Game_Publishing directory

    The hardware supported for DVD mastering is the Pioneer DVDR-S201, a single
    speed, single layer DVD burner. The burner itself currently needs a firmware
    upgrade before it can master DVD's for use with PlayStation 2. The Pioneer
    contact details for receiving this firmware comes with the burner itself,
    alternatively SCEE can upgrade the burner although you will have to arrange
    shipping to and from the SCEE offices. If you require the upgrade please

    SCEE does not resell the Pioneer burner, this can be purchased from various
    retailers, the SCEE website contains Pioneer contact information for
    European Sales Channels in the Game_Publishing directory - expect to pay
    around 4000 Euros (£2600) + VAT from a distributor.

    Media - Development:

    Any good quality CD or DVD can be used for development purposes on the
    DTL-T10000 and DTL-H10000 units

    Media - Mastering:

    These disks will be available from SCEE in the next few weeks, an order form
    will be made available then. For more information contact



    Devkit delivery times
    From: "Antonio Argentieri" <>
    Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 12:31:22 -0000

    Can anyone tell me Delivery times on New PS2 Kits from Sony receiving


    Antonio Argentieri.
    Rage Software.



    Devkit delivery times
    From: James Russell <>
    Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 14:53:38 +0000

    Antonio Argentieri wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me Delivery times on New PS2 Kits from Sony receiving
    > payment?

    If everything is in order, the devkit is shipped as soon as possible and should
    arrive next day.

    However, more often than not it takes a while for the bank transfer to complete
    (which is the usual

    hold-up), and also we don't ship on Friday since (in our experience) some
    courier companies tend to

    'lose' these expensive items over the weekend.

    But, yes, usually it's next day.


    == ph: +44 (20) 7447-1626 - fax: +44 (20) 7390 4324
    == Tools and Middleware Licensing Manager - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

    Scratch and Sniff!! [ ] Smells like glass, doesn't it?



    Emulator for cd/dvd
    From: "Faheem Dinath" <>
    Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:32:30 -0500

    Does anyone have an idea when the cd/dvd emulator will be released, dvds are
    hard to come by right now and the software would be much better then burning
    $30 costers every time



    DTL-T14000 CD/DVD Emulator
    Availability: Feb, 2001(projected)

    Configurations: Bundled with DTL-T10000 and installation service for DTL-T10000 units that have already shipped (not user-installable)

    Price 600,000 yen (projected)


    New Tool

    PS2 DVD Emulator
    Developed by SN Systems
    Built-in to DTL-T10000H
    Sold as SCE Tool
    USD 7,500
    Installation by SCEA
    Available soon


    Tool Price Change

    From USD 20,000 to USD 10,000
    Since Feb 21st, 2001
    HDD Bundled for FREE

    Hard disk drive
    Retroactively supplied to all DTL-T10000
    T10K upgrade schedule to be provided


    I'd just like to announce...
    From: "Brian McGroarty [Midway]" <>
    Newsgroups: sce.announce
    Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 07:43:43 -0600

    I'd just like to announce that...

    If I get back from GDC & AAAI and I find my new team's TOOLs have arrived,
    J. Patton gets a big wet kiss, straight on the lips.

    Or maybe that's if they -haven't- arrived.

    Whatever motivates his crew.

    ...and now back to your regularly scheduled coding.



    I've been sitting on these + a lot more for over 7 years. I find the developer comments relevant and amusing and I hope you shall too :) Many of the comments regarding prices refer the developers to speak to their sales manager though so developer comments are the only way I can demonstrate prices. Please note ther is a shitload of text to read, mostly with regards to programming help, PSTOOL being ROFL loud with a useless drive and a bucketload of general banter.

    Sony charging people for DVD-R then selling them CD-R is all the more amusing when the expensive DVD burner they made them buy did not burn CD-R. Not only that but for a time there appeared to be no officially supported CD-R burner :p

    I'll edit and add to the post as I find more price references.
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