playing ntsc games on pal ps1-ps2 and vice versa

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    The only thing I remember is, NTSC games appeared as black and white, on PAL Playstations back in the days... :D
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    That was more of a problem with the early consoles (SCPH-1002, SCPH-55x2) - they output an out of spec color subcarrier in NTSC mode. With the later ones (SCPH-7002, SCPH-7502, SCPH-9002) they always used the PAL 4.43MHz even in NTSC mode (I.E. NTSC4.43) and a lot of TVs could display that.
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    One thing I noticed, forcing PAL on a NTSC unit (in my case a SCPH-77007) results in a somewhat slower startup animation and audio. Other than that, not much.

    On the other side, forcing NTSC (or PAL60 if you will) on a PAL machine (in this case a chipped Aqua Blue SCPH-50004 I have) does result in a much faster (and quite smoother) startup and such.

    Just my experience in setting PAL and NTSC on machines designed for each other (PAL on NTSC and viceversa)
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    That is a different problem. You are talking about changing the video mode, without the knowledge of the software. That will result in what you have observed: PAL browser will run at 6/5 the normal speed, while NTSC browsers will run at 5/6 the normal speed. This happens because the browser is not aware of the actual refresh rate.

    On the other hand, the OP was asking about what will happen when running out-of-region software on his PS2. The PS2 will support all video modes selected by licensed software, but earlier models cannot truly output the video signal for imported games.

    As for PS titles on the PS2, the video mode is locked to the region, but only because of the version of PS1DRV installed (it was traditionally coded for only the intended region). So with software (some modchips, or PS1VModeNeg), the video mode setup can be changed.

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