[Philips CD-i] Lemmings - Test Version

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    Got this of ebay the other day.

    Retail disc file-dates reach from : 18.07.94 to 13.10.94 (emuparadise ISO)

    Files-Dated on my disc reach from : 11.03.94 to 17.05.94
    (yet the disc has 06-07-94 printed on it)

    Comparsion shows there are files missing on the test disc, as well as there are filenames that arent on the final ISO.

    I checked cdi blog. They have quite a big collection of test discs, but I can only find infos about the final Lemmings verison there.


    Anybody else has some additional infos on this one ? I wasnt able to find any version info in the EmuParadise ISO, using wingrep+hexedit. How rare might this be ?

    Shall I compare all file sizes, shall I throw it into the CD-i emulator ? (is there another working one besides cdiemu.org ?)

    cd1.jpg cd2.jpg
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    Try WinMerge to compare files with final version

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