PAL SNES 1CHIP: does c-sync exist on the S-RGB chip?

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    Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. I will try luma for the C-Sync line and also composite for C-Sync too and see if there is any difference on the SNES.
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    raising a dead discussion - it applies to something I am doing right now :D

    "PAL SNES 1CHIP: does c-sync exist on the S-RGB chip?"
    YES ; S-CPUN pin 151 connects to pin 7 of the S-RGB chip.

    Thus, modern RGB bypass mods applied to a PAL SNES 1-chip can utilize buffered c-sync on pin3, so long as you have also free'd pin 3 from its 12v rail.

    Normally people use NTSC SCART RGB cables these days for any bypassed SNES 1Chip consoles, which uses sync on pin 3.
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