Original Xbox Debug / Dev Avalaunch Boot Disk

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    This is something that has bothered me for a long time, and I've finally managed to get it working. This iso will allow you to boot your debug or development kit xbox into the avalaunch dashboard. My main reason for using this is access to FTP and general usability without the hard drive being configured as it should be.

    EG: Just got a debug kit with the seals in tact. It would only boot into the retail dash, but I could see gamesaves for a certain game with a date prior to it's official release, leading me to believe there might be some debug or proto material on the hard drive. I didn't want to break the seals just to snoop around the drive and see if anything was there, so this came in handy.

    I know this download probably won't be around forever so I'll give an explanation of how to create it that might last a little longer:

    1. Get a copy of Avalaunch 0.49.1 (build 62). You will be able to verify the build in the release notes included with this version of avalaunch.

    2. Rename avalaunch.xbe to default.xbe

    3. Use qwix (I used 1.01) to create an ISO from the avalaunch build 62 folder

    4. Burn to the appropriate media with ImgBurn. As a general rule of thumb, CD-R is a bad choice. I've heard that CD-RW works well but don't be overly confident. DVD-R is the best option in my opinion, however I did use a DVD+R DL and it worked fine.

    5. Turn on the Xbox, insert the disc, put the tray back in, turn off the console, Finally turn it back on with the power button. You should be in the avalaunch dashboard now with FTP capabilities.

    Build 62 is the only version I've found to work. It doesn't require any patching. I've tried patching other versions with dexbe without any luck. If you're able to get a recovery to boot, you should be able to get this to boot as well.

    For some reason fileZilla didn't like when I tried to use FTP but flashFXP didn't seem to mind. As usual, the FTP username and password will both be "xbox" - no quotation marks.

    Hopefully someone finds this useful

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    Thanks, good post.

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