Nintendo Switch shuts down at boot

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    I'm not sure if recent consoles are allowed here, please tell me if there is a better place :)

    So I got two Nintendo Switch that I'm trying to repair.
    The first one has at least a broken screen and a bad screen connector, but at the moment I try to focus on the second Switch.

    I believe it was already opened; after a quick glance I saw the eMMC module had "burn" traces on it. I swapped it with the first Switch and I was able to see the Nintendo logo for one second before it shuts down.
    I can boot it on RCM mode and dumped the replaced eMMC, which took 70 minutes.
    But even when I try to launch Atmosphere through Hekate, it's the same problem: Nintendo logo for one second, then nothing - same issue with the battery swapped, or if I try to launch the recovery mode.

    The only problem I can see right now is when I dumped the keys with Lockpick-RCM, I got a bunch of "Keyblob 0 corrupt", from 0 to 5.
    Other than that, I believe it's in 6.2.0 because it has 8 burned fuses. Is there a solution?
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    First of all I don’t believe the emmc is swapable without a dump of the original. The M92T36 chip can fail in many odd ways from failure to power or charge to booting to a black screen. That chip is something I suspect anytime I see power or boot problems on an otherwise undamaged board. Don’t attempt it unless you have a proper rework station and a very steady hand or you will make the problem far worse

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