Nintendo 64 Power Supply - Quick Question

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    Hi guys. :)

    I saw in a video that I can make the PS1's power supply become bivolt (100 ~ 240v) replacing the main capacitor for a 400v.
    The tension of my town are 220v, elsewhere in Brazil are 110v.
    The person who did the modification said it's possible that all other components work on 220v, but that there are few sources that have this structure and that to change the power supply of the Nintendo 64 to 220v I would need to replace a few more components.
    Someone can say exactly what I have to replace so that the power supply of the nintendo 64 work in 220v?

    I would like to do this to prevent burning the source through carelessness, if I or someone else calling on a 220v outlet.

    Thanks to anyone who can help! :D
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    depends on what the transformer is rated for

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