Never gone, always here, never introduced, but finally back

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction Forum' started by BimboBoop, May 11, 2019.

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    Hi Guys, I m a so happy this place finally working again. :) I was here before it stopped working, as far I remember, I never had the chance to introduce myself properly; but I posted and helped a few times before everything happened. Since I tought I has lost my account, I even tried once, to create another one, with a similar nickname, but it never worked properly and I wasn't able to post, so I decided to just wait for this day in silence, wait until assemblersgames has returned.

    It seems finally Assemblers games has comeback from the ashes, as a proud and muscular freaking nerdy fenix with chest hair!!! Now, again, It will be awesome to share time with all of you people!!! And thanks to everyone around that worked their asses and never give up to bring this awesome place again to all of us!!!

    Best Vibes to everyone!!
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    It's been back up for like a year now.

    Welcome back anywho

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