NES RGB board-10/19 release, 90.00 AU

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    Aug 13, 2012
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    I can't believe I have not ordered this kit yet. Still using that Obsolete PC-10 ppu mod :s
  2. gunderson

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    Jul 13, 2012
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    I highly recommend you get one soon. I used to have a PC-10 ppu NES and the NESRGB destroys it in every possible way.
  3. MockyLock

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    Hello here;
    Sorry for digging this thread out, i have some questions about expansion audio. I read soOo many things about expansion audio that i'm a bit lost now.
    I have a US NES, modded with NESRGB.

    Quoting darcagn (this thread, page7) :
    8. Expansion audio! Yes, I got expansion audio working perfectly on the NESRGB. This is expansion audio coming directly from an Everdrive N8 (the NES version, not the Famicom version). Previously on this NES I had expansion slot pin 3 connected to pin 9 using two 22kohm resistors (you're supposed to use one 47kohm resistor, but I didn't have any laying around and figured 2x22kohm would suffice). There were instructions posted to remove the pin 3 to 9 wire, and solder pin 9 to a spot on the NESRGB board with a 22kohm resistor. I tried this. It works, but I don't know why the image posted earlier suggested to ditch the 47kohm resistor for a 22kohm one. 22kohm makes the expansion audio mixed WAY too loud. The expansion audio drowns out the in-system audio and plays loudly on my speakers even at low volume settings. I replaced the 22kohm resistor with 2x22kohm resistors and it sounded close to what it should. You can hear it in the video here.

    So, all i have to do is to connect pin 9 of the EXP connector of my NES to the point spotted in the pic, with a 47KOhms resistor in line.
    Is it possible to add a simple switch so i can deactivate Expansion audio in order to compare ?
    I will use a Powerpak (at least for now). Do i have to do anything to it ?
    Last question : i have to use specific japanese ROM in order to get this Exp audio, right ?

    Thank you very much !
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    If you have an NES-001 front loader, there is this board called ENIO Expansion Board that plugs into the bottom expansion port. It allows 15 pin Japanese Famicom controllers to work on the NES and it also enables expansion audio without modding the NES. It has another port for connecting some homebrew device for online play via Ethernet. You can usually find it on eBay for about $25.
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  5. MockyLock

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    Thank you for your answer.
    I had a thought about that already. But there are 2 questions :
    - I have a NESRGB kit, will the Expanded sound will be added to the NESRGB out ? I mean, is the expanded sound mixed before or after the 2 soldering points (the 2 resistors) usually used for getting sound in NESRGB ?
    -I have a French NES too (front loader) with a SCART cable. Does it work the same way as US NES for sound ?

    Thanks again !

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