Need help finding info on ImpacTV for ATI 3D RAGE II+ cards

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by MonkeyBoyJoey, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Hi all! So I just fired up the Windows 95 PC my great grandmother gave me to check what GPU was in it. Turns out it is an onboard ATI 3D RAGE II+. I read online that there was an addon for these cards called the ImpacTV and it allowed for composite video, s-video, and RGB SCART outputs at PAL/NTSC TV resolutions (possibly 240p/288p as well?). I don't think mine has this chip since the only video connection on the back is a VGA connector.

    Can anyone give me solid info on this and an idea of where I could get one for cheap? Couldn't find it on eBay. Any and all help would be highly appreciated!

    EDIT: Also can someone help me find Windows 95 drivers for my NEC MultiSync A700?
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  2. supersega

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    Good luck finding an add-on even if you do buy a card. But for a card, I am pretty sure the 3D RAGE II+DVD supports it.
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    ive got a ATI RAGE PRO 8MB TURBO if that helps you out

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