Need help beginning w XDK rehash reassigning files ..

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Development' started by Wolfcarnage, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Greetings fellow Assembler members,

    I finally have my dev kit running from what I can tell it is the XNA final test kit with green light and sidecar but no XNA logos . Flashed 16547.0 XDK 21256.3

    My question is I have dev files I would like to run. I bought this from Ebay in France it has PNET last logged on I take it never try to log in there from what i have read. Do i use network neighborhood or can i use 360 content manager FSD or Aurora like jtag or rgh to rehash or reassign the files? I assume I cannot just copy USB to hard drive and try to run it , just making sure I do it correctly because I do not want to brick this machine!

    If anyone has any other useful tips on what to do with this XDK and have fun with it I would appreciate was alot of money.
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    I use xexmenu to copy games from a usb stick to the hard drive. FSD seems to crash my devkit after a bit and neighborhood is to slow.
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    What if someone had a JTAG and took the hard drive off of it what would it take to get this done so everything plays off this HDD as is. Rehash / Resigning Or would having the profile from the jtag help? I had to make an new profile on my XDK, tho if memory serves me right or not... I thought each game was installed and keyed to the machine ID or something like that.
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    Use something called X360gamehack. Problem solved.
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