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    Merry Christmas!
    First off - to Kev or whoever runs this place, please reset my password :D
    it may not be advised to try changing your password as it may reset it and leave you without one, and most of the time you cannot post or like as it will send you to the password reset page, but you have to contact a admin to do so.

    I would like to invite you all over to my website,
    We over there have been mostly preserving Xbox 360 stuff but I am re branding for all Preserving Purpose's!
    As a gift to you all for Christmas i have gave out 2 more of my Monday Night Combat Builds in the Download section of the site.

    And we have 1 more present! Sometime this week me (Gunz4Hire) and my good friend tjd2 will be releasing our first Xbox 360 homebrew. Its a application to read up and see all aspect and everything Xbox 360, we hope you all enjoy and stay around as we are far from done and plenty in stock to add to the program!
    So keep an eye out for the Xbox History Center Hombrew set for release this week :D
    Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas!
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