My first drunken stupor...

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by blueshogun96, Jul 5, 2014.

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    I'm not much of a drinker, but I do like a nice glass of wine every now and then. A while ago, I came to one of the new bars down the street because I needed to get out of my apartment to avoid some distractions so I could focus on outlining a business plan. While I was there, I asked for a glass of wine, and ended up choosing Cabernet. So, I have the first glass, nothing. I can still focus, and I'm making progress. When that glass was done, I asked for another, thinking it was no big deal. But man, after that second glass, I could definitely feel a buzz bigger than I wanted. I know that I'm a light weight, but I didn't think that two glasses of Cabernet would have gotten me hammered, or at least tipsy. The bartender laughed and said, "Yeah, I can tell you've had enough.", and of course, I agreed.

    Before I left, one of the employees there (a dude) started talking to me, and we eventually got into what I did for a living, etc. I had my Google Nexus 7 with me, so I showed him the game I was working on, but I was buzzed, and laughing the whole time, so it was one awkward presentation. So, I'm walking out, and there's the guy that stands by the front door (assuming he's security, bodyguard, whatever), and as I'm talking to him, I'm laughing at nothing while making all sorts of goofy statements. He's laughing at me, probably because he knows I've had too much.

    So, after walking home, I hop on to the chatroom and start talking all this drunken nonsense. Since no one has ever seen me talk like that, and I'm usually the most serious person in that chat, everyone was like, "shogun, are you drunk?". I can't remember everything I said, but I think I did make the classic drunken response of "I'm not as think as you drunk I am!". Then I remembered about this forum having a drunken thread. So I posted in there, thinking "Yeah, let's start a fight with one of these motherf@#%ers!". Then I go to bed, wake up with hangover, thinking "wtf happened? That's it, no more than one glass of Cabernet for me!" And now upon retrospect, I look at what I said, and think, "Did I really say that s@#%?".

    This if my very first drunken stupor. It was scary. I never want to get smashed again. I'm afraid of what I might do next. -_-

    What are your drunken stupors like (assuming you can even remember)?

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    Wine is actually quite strong in comparison to beer, usually around 13.5%, so for a novice drinker it can be more than you expect if you're drinking large glasses. Even 1 litre of cider of 5% can get a person drunk if they're not used to it. I'm going to be honest, you don't want to know any of my drunken stories, all I can tell you is I don't drink alcohol anymore! I've wasted too many nights down the toilet for me to even enjoy it, now one drink just gives me a dry head and a headache, the hangover and empty wallet just isn't worth it.
  3. MaxWar

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    I love beer but don't like drunkenness. I usually stop drinking before I start misbehaving.
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    Man, only 2 glasses? Good thing you don't go drinking with me. Last Saturday I had the following.
    3 BASS ales
    2 Bull Dogs
    2 China Blues
    4 White Russians
    1 tequila shit
    And 1 liter of water :)

    That was over a 8 hour period though.

    Yep, I love this drink but never get wasted. I can always remember and always able to walk.
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    hehehe, happens to me way too often. and yeah maybe better if u dont know what crazy shit i have done already when pissdrunk ..... :/.
  6. Eviltaco64

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    A drunk mind speaks sober thoughts or so they say.

    It can be useful to measure how people act once they've had a few as it truly shows you who they are in a way.

    If you were laughing the whole time, you're in good shape.
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    I usually find myself or my belongings in bushes, and generally for that to happen I'm blackout drunk and can't recall a thing.

    Getting told the stories the next day though - always good fun. :)
  8. Sonny_Jim

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    I don't understand why people think it's cool to be able to drink lots before they get drunk. Surely it just costs you more in the long run, in both terms of physical damage and monetary damage?

    Anyway, not a drink related story but here goes:

    Was out on NYE with a couple of friends of mine at a club, at around 10PM one of them (let's call him George) shows me what he's got in his pocket (ooh err), which is 4 blotters of LSD. He certainly had a fun night ahead of him, as you will find out.

    Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours and George is nowhere to be seen and it's getting close to midnight, so we give him a ring:

    "Where are you George, your girlfriend is looking for you"
    "I'm just outside clearing my head, I'll be back in a couple of minutes"

    Fast forward another hour and George still hasn't turned up, his missus is pissed off as he'd missed the celebrations at midnight.

    "George, where the hell are you? Your girlfriend is getting pissed off"
    "I think I've killed someone..."
    "What the f*ck are you talking about? Tell me where you are so we can come and find you!"
    "No, if I tell you where I am you'll take me to the police because I'm a murderer"
    "FFS George, you haven't killed anyone, you are just tripping your balls off, tell us where you are!"

    We didn't hear anything else from George for 6 days, we tried ringing him constantly, checked his house, his friends house, his missus was going absolutely spare. We all started to wonder if he had actually killed someone and started checking newspapers etc. As you can imagine, it wasn't a very pleasant period of time for any of us.

    Anyway, on the 6th of January at 8AM in the morning I got a phone call, it was George. I answered it:

    "George! Are you ok mate? Where are you?"
    "Don't worry, I'm fine"

    I was utterly relieved, I can't describe the emotion fully, but safe to say it was a big weight off my mind. He explained what he could remember and we pieced together what we think was the most likely thing that could of happened, like I said even George doesn't know what really happened that night.

    During that particular NYE, there was a stabbing outside of a pub with a lot of witnesses, the attacker wasn't George but we figure that he either saw it happen or heard someone talking about it. This triggered something in his LSD affected brain into thinking that he had killed someone.

    Now, he thinks he's murdered someone whilst on LSD, right? So what do you do in that situation? Well, what George did was to think to himself:

    "I need to go to hospital as my brain is clearly f*cked and I need help, but I can't go to the local hospital as they will know I'm the killer"

    So his solution to that was to jump on a train and travel for 6hrs halfway across the country, all whilst tripping his balls off on New Years day. He got to his destination, went into the local hospital to get some help.

    The hospital staff took one look at him and said:
    "You are tripping, there is f*ck all we can do for you, go home and suck on a lemon"

    So he gets back on the train, spends another 6hrs travelling back to his home town. This should be the end of the story, but George was still tripping. When he got back he realised that we would be waiting for him at his house, so rather than meeting up with us he decided to check into a hotel 1/2 mile away from his house, sat in a room for 4 days by himself ordering room service until he had finally come down again, which is when he phoned me.

    TL;DR Hallucinogenics give you interesting experiences.
  9. GodofHardcore

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    I'm saving it for a blog I'm setting up, but The night I got my Saturn was a Drunken stupor. It involved my Cousin coming out, and him smoking a metric shit ton of pot, PF Changs, a ton of awesome comic shops. Me wanting to get home but my cousin decided to waste time at Dave and Busters to sober enough to drive. Him assuming I've been on the reciving end of a Glory Hole. It was a crazy night.
  10. blotter12

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    The moral of all these stories seems to be: Know your limits. It only takes doing 1 stupid thing to keep you responsible.

    ...and if you're going to get blasted into space, at least surround yourself with people who care about you. :)

    I prefer the latin: In vino veritas
  11. GodofHardcore

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    My Night I got my saturn story would be better if a few cute geek girls were involved sadly they weren't. My Cousin was a good wing man but he wasn't THAT GOOD.
  12. MBMM

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    Three blotters? Wow, someone is pretty hardcore. No wonder he was space-staged for so long. I used to drink a lot myself but I've slowed down a bit recently. Like everyone says, not worth the lack of money and annoying hangover the next day. I do love hitting the wine, though. That or good brewery beer. Hmmm.

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