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    I’m currently downsizing my collection. I’m not getting rid of anything of value, just a bunch of common games and stuff.

    Regardless, thought I’d share what I’ve got.

    Here’s my favorite shelf, all my Nintendo stuff. I love gamecube, and the switch is also growing on me quite a bit. I’ve also got all my amiibos here.


    This is just my PlayStation stuff and my animal crossing amiibos, as well as some other junk.


    Yeah, there’s wires freaking everywhere. Sorry. These are the consoles I have set up. For the Gamecubes, I have one set of wires and switch them as needed. Black gamecube is North American NTSC that was used for parts, but it works again. Silver is modded to play Japanese games and has the Gameboy player with a Japanese boot up disc. The NR reader is PAL


    This is the most interesting thing I have I suppose. The NR reader isn’t in the best condition, but I got it working. The security seal has been broken and the security bolts have been replaced with Phillips head screws for easy accessibility.
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