mortal kombat pack homebrew (xbox)

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    it was made with that CDX menu i have it on my "X"box but i had a tech question for everyone i want to be able to play ultimate mortal kombat 3

    all the files in the xbox homebrew are like and so on the ps2 version of mortal kombat armegeddon had an EXCLUSIVE. ultimate mortal kombat 3!! then some one made a moral kombat pack for PS2 now, ive notice that there are the SAME menus as the xbox homebrew but the xbox one does not have ultimate mortal kombat 3 only 1,2 and 3 i was hoping there was away to hack it or recompile the homebrew to be able to play ultimate mk3 on my xbox with this homebrew any ideas???

    ive even tried to rename the from the ps2 homebrew (Like a NOOB!) and rename it to like the xbox homebrew :( it locks up :(:banghead::banghead::banghead:

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