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    Shipping is $10 flat rate for all items. I ship from Kentucky, USA and only domestic. I will consider trades of equal or higher value.

    Xenogc chip + wire install + tuning $30 (chip included)

    Sega Saturn:
    Region-free SMD BIOS installation $50 (chip included)
    Region-free DIP BIOS installation $40 (chip included)
    Phantom Universal installation $50 (chip included, $20 if you provide it)

    Sega Dreamcast:
    Region-free BIOS $40 (chip included, VA1 only atm)
    Battery holder, PPTC fuse, LED installation $20 (parts included)

    MM3 chip installation $30 (chip included)

    Other systems/mods:
    Recaps: $10 kits or provide your own (most jobs will be $30 as that is what I charge per hour/job)
    Video mods: PM for pricing/details (depends which it is and the amount of work that goes into it. I do NOT do case/plastic modifications of any kind)

    Sega Saturn Model 2 with Region-free BIOS and Phantom Universal chip installed, new battery (console only) $150


    Model 2 Sega Saturn with region-free BIOS, Phantom Universal modchip, new battery installed $150 (dripped some rubbing alcohol on the timestamp and didn't notice until now lol)

    Japanese Sega Saturn with region-free BIOS, Phantom Universal modchip, brand new laser, new battery installed (the top half is yellowed unfortunately) $160


    Sega CDX bundle with full recap and new laser (power supply is NOT the official CDX adapter, it's an MK-2103, but it does work with it although it is technically under-powered. Recommended to buy an official or third-party MK-4122 instead) $Trade me something neat


    SHVC-CPU-01 SNES with official controller, power supply and S-video cable with full recap (including sound module)/L78S05CV voltage regulator $80

    3DO consoles
    Turbo DUO/R consoles
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