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Discussion in 'Xbox (Original console)' started by bennydiamond, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,

    I still got a couple of Aladdin chips and want to reprogram them.
    Been reading (most) of the thread and only have a couple of questions about the hardware needed.

    For the Lattice JTAG programmer I was thinking about this one:

    For the chip I want to order :

    For the programmer I am not sure what to buy, I also wand a programmer so I can make SNES repro's in the future, so I was looking at the Top3000:


    Or maybe just buy a cheap one now like this:


    As seen in a post form Bad_ad a SOIC8 clamp I easy:


    What would you think, will I have everything to program the chips if I order like this ?
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    Looks good, I'd go with the TL866 since that one is pretty popular so you might have better luck with community support.
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    Since bennydiamond is not selling Xblast lite anymore, there are no more easy way to add an LCD to the xbox (apart from find and buying some used lcd-ready modchip). So I was thinking if could be possibile to reprogram an aladdin xt with the only purpose of adding a parallel port on the LPC bus to drive hd44780 display. As far as I've understood reading bennydiamond's post, the LCD support on the aladdin xblast could not be added since "space" on CPLD is fully occupied by Xblast code. So, searching on the internet I found that in 2005 was released a chip called LCD-MOD that provide the xbox of a parallel and spi port (https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/article1220.html). This chip, based on the same CPLD of an aladdin xt 64, could be added to the LPC bus without needing to remove the standard modchip (since LCD-mod chip doesnt have flash to store hacked BIOS on it). So after discover this solution I started thinking if we could "simply" getting another aladdin xt 32 chip, program the CPLD only with the code for the LCD interface and add it to the LPC bus in parallel with the aladdin xblast as for lcd-mod chip. Without the need of xblast code in CPLD, there is enough space to do this @bennydiamond?
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