Madden 09, Xbox 360 loader inside a DVD-Video

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    Thank you for sharing. I tested it and it works. Kinda. I mean the dvd part works on a Pc. Then there is the demo and I tested it on an rgh xbox with Aurora. To extract the demo neither ISO2GOD nor Xbox image browser work. I mounted the iso on a pc and extracted the demo files. What was unable to test was the demo launcher. If you try to launch it from Aurora it crashes. Maybe it works if you burn the image on a DVD or launch the image from an ODE like X360key but I do not have it. When it comes to DVD launcher applications usually they do not work on RGH but only from a real DVD. I've seen it many times; they are probably the only Xbox360 software that you are not able to launch on RGH.
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    So, there is a XBE file (loader) of Star Wars Battlefront game, hidden on a video demo DVD of Madden ? @_@
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