Konami m2 emulation: A follow up

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    So I had to figure out the Konami m2, based off of the unreleased Panasonic m2, is not so much based off of the 3do. The only relation the m2 had to the 3do was it being an upgrade or successor but that's all for similarities. Hardware is far far different (and more powerful to be exact).

    That being said, someone had done an experimental Konami m2 emulator and made some nice progress. This one would fully boot m2 games ingame albiet 3d graphics run extremely slow.

    Fast forward nearly 8 years later, a curious person, me, decided well if that author still had the source open, I could upload it to github and see if any interest would come to be (that being said, I obviously didn't make this emulator).

    Got a word from the original author so I may as well tell the full story. Phil Bennett of MAME made this emulator to beef up the extremely preliminary Konami m2 driver for MAME at the time but some things went wrong and this never came to be then. Even despite the progress, he called it embarrassingly bad and was never meant to be released. As a result, I deleted the emulator per Phil's request. It's safe to say MAME could do this a lot better but who knows.

    Where I first found that code? I'd rather not say because this wasn't intended for a public release anyway.

    Edited reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/9c3ypn/konami_m2_emulation_a_follow_up/
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