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    Correction on the euro host speed too slow, half screen problem, xu li will kill xu li time reduce even according to slay keystrokes, scrambling to optimize similar to kof97, attack feels more like the previous (?) All rise, part, toughness character damage decreased
    Game files according to the original arrangement, to optimize the disk to read, and deleted some kof2001 stay extra files (SNK really lazy)

    1-versus time is adjusted for with 99 seconds

    2-sets of gas speed

    3-the first five layer gas can also be set

    4-can choose three same characters

    5-the sixth start to adjust blood slot is filled with blood
    (including map and hide all six out of the three hidden mode)

    6-BC full health can also be hidden super combo

    7-add background music (get) from the ps2 02 um original music for the ps2 version also, 48000 hz adx simulator of discontinuity, popping, host test
    Switching methods: op in the music option to set what is ok (the default option)

    8-little boss and can choose 6 characters

    9-of his characters regulations change, for details, please view the pose in the game

    Download: https://mega.nz/#!7YE2CZDC!PoBgWCF-dd0XwuQ2w-kciZZefjKc7DE055BBhapnynM
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