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    I acquired the full set of Demo CDs from the Japanese Playstation CLUB
    I started a youtube playlist with videos showing the content of each of these CD, I will try to post these videos regularly:
    These CDs contains playable demos, non-playable demos, but also Japanese developer interviews and other bonuses that have never had in US/Europe.
    If anyone is interested, the first video is a global presentation, in French but with English subtitles:

    On the Volume 3 you have an Interview of Hironobu Sakaguchi, producer of Final Fantasy 7, from June 1996 ! (before the release of FF7)

    Another original stuff about these Japanese Demo CD, some issues included a CD full of Playstation games commercials video:

    and the second video I released today with Final Fantasy 7 Commercials !

    On tomorrow's video, you have a footage of the Tokyo Game Show 1997 !
    It's amazing to have such content on Demo CDs, now preserved for the gaming history :)

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