Jaguar Iratan Supremacy Artwork by Level 7 Software (Unreleased)

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    Hi! These are the only pieces of artwork that exists about this game on the net for the time being...They were being used to help create the characters for a 3D fighting game called Iratan Supremacy (which was previewed on CD Consoles magazine). The idea was to be a mix of Killer Instinct and Virtua Fighter. The game was being worked on by Level 7 Software, long gone since the Jag was pretty much starting to die by the time they even got started on things. Unseen64 erroneusly gives credits to the Jagware forums for posting the art but in actuality, they were posted on a website called Jagmod first before they leaked it. He bought some jaguar item from a guy, and he sent these sketches with his purchase. It was a nice bonus, according to a conversation i did with the owner of the Jagmod website.
    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg
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