Jaguar Arlo Armadillo Vs. The Bugs Below Artwork (Unreleased)

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    Here's artwork of the unreleased Arlo Armadillo vs. The Bugs Below for the Atari Jaguar. This was a planned mascot-platformer by Atari made for the mascot craze during the 90s, but two of the people behind it wanted to make it more than just a cash-in platformer. The Atari art department went through various sketches in 2 weeks to later present it to the maganement team, none of them were liked by them. Though it was never moved on beyond the planning stages, there was a lot done for Arlo. Here's my chat with one of the people who gave the artwork of the characters to me and explains how it would've played + the story about it: "The jist of it was that the bugs had mutated and were going to take over the world, I don't remember how. Arlo was the only one who could stop them. After that, it would pretty much be your average platform hopper. Arlo's special moves were that he can use his tongue like a whip, and roll up into a ball, and when rolled he is invulnerable, but also becomes a projectile. If he is running when he rolls up, he's like a bowling ball, which can do damage to opponents, or just get knocked around." It sounded that Arlo was going to be very versatile and there was passion for it by the two guys who did the designs. Watch the rest of the story here:
    Some of the character designs they did for the planned Atari mascot later went on to be used in Black Ice/White Noise for the Jaguar CD.
    Fun fact: the name of the crocodile laywer on the link is Al E. Gator...yeah, real original Atari XD
    Arlo Armadillo.jpg Arlo Armadillo Body Layout.png Arlo Rolled.png Arlo Surprised.png Arlo Thumbs Up.png Arlo Tongue.png Beetle Warrior.png Dr. Zzybryn.png Emperor Xan.png Wasp Troop.png

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