Is there a site that allows me to pick up Yahoo Japan auction winnings in person?

Discussion in 'Japan Forum: Living there or planning a visit.' started by foldor, Jun 7, 2018.

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    So I'm going to be in Japan in 3 weeks for 14 days, and there are some auctions I would love to win that are ending soon. Are there any auction sites that will have a pickup location in Tokyo that I could use to save on reshipping costs? If not, what's the best site to use these days for shipping out to Canada?
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    i use yahoo auctions, tho i am not local to japan, you can probably just message the seller and arrange a pickup.
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    Pretty sure not. I used to do this, and thought it would be cool to implement again, but it's not useful to that many people. Your best bet is to find help via and individual (maybe here?) and have them meet you (or ship to you). I'd not place my final bid until I left for Japan, and would then allow the 14 days for the dust to settle.

    Getting the items to you will depend on your living arrangements. If you're at one place the whole time, just have that eprson (even outside of Tokyo) ship them to you. There's a way to have it held at a post office (see link). You must pick it up w/ ID, and I'm not 100% sure they would take a foreign passport. Probably, but not sure.

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